Remember when Lady Gaga pinged smartphones and, presumably, alarmed dogs by transmitting inaudible, high-frequency audio at a concert with Sonic Notify tech? It turns out Apple's applying for a patent to do something similar, namely "audio hyperlinking"...

Someone at Amazon must have read our post about how Apple spun the white iPhone 4 fail into a PR win, because it's making a game attempt at turning its Lady Gaga blunder around.

The company is relaunching its Lady Gaga offer (99 cents for her new album, plus a free upgrade to 20 GB cloud music storage on its servers), noting "this time we're ready." Earlier this week, a crush of Gaga fans jumping on the deal crashed the company's servers, creating hours-long download times and leading commenters to publicly flog Amazon via the comments section

Buoyed by endorsements from such celebrities as Dr. Dre, LeBron James and Lady Gaga, sales of high-end headphones soared last year, according to numbers released Thursday by the NPD Group.

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