By Tatyana Sinioukov How would you like to have had your dad for a boss and two of your brothers working with you, side by side, day after day? The three brothers—Bud, Gerry and Richard—who happen to be part-owners of Pennsylvania-based appliance retailer, Gerhard's, say they love it. Bud is the company president, Gerry is vice president and Richard is a treasurer. When asked how old they were when they first got into the business, they seemed puzzled. "As long as you are old enough to push the broom, you're in business," Richard answered for Bud and Gerry. "I must have

I am proud to present Dealerscope's 79th annual Statistical Survey & Report on Consumer Electronics, beginning on page 14 and conducted once again by researcher Dennis P. Barker. On pages 24 to 32 you will find profiles of the 2001 Dealerscope Pride Awards winners: Best Buy Co., Gerhard's, Myer-Emco and Worldwide Stereo. Each company presents a fantastic case study on differentiation amid a sea of change. I am grateful they allowed us to honor them with the Dealerscope Pride Award. Speaking of change, next month, Dealerscope will look different, read different, even feel different. The latest incarnation of the Old Dealerscope was a

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