Gian Fulgoni

Growth in e-commerce for U.S. retail dropped to 1 percent in October over the same period last year- the lowest monthly score on record. That's according to numbers released this week by comScore, which began tracking such figures in 2001.

comScore, Inc. released numbers Sunday indicating that for the holiday shopping season spanning November 1 - December 27, 2007, online spending neared $28 billion, exceeding last year’s total by 19 percent. Spending on Cyber Monday alone jumped 21 percent from $610 million in 2006 to $730 million in 2007. Online spending on Black Friday also increased from $430 million to $530 million, marking a 22 percent increase. Post-Christmas sales increased even more, with December 26, 2007 sales hitting $545 million, more than doubling the total set on December 26, 2006. “This would appear to indicate that consumers were willing, and

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