Gordon Tetreault

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Gordon Tetreault, Maxell’s director of sales and marketing, is leaving the company to start his own consumer electronics consultancy, Product Marketing and Consulting, in Wanaque, N.J.

Maxell is continuing in 2010 to broaden its reach into new CE and related categories, through several strategic partnerships, and will ship those products as part of a release of about 100 new SKUs, starting this spring, the company announced at the 2010 CES.

 Making a big-screen TV sale is great. Dealing with the ever-decreasing margins is not. But the opportunity for bigger profit opportunities exists for retailers willing to look beyond the lone flat-panel sale, especially as the digital transition nears and more consumers look to make their biggest CE purchase in the last 10 years.


“In the last eight months, we’ve seen a huge shift in the [headphone] business towards earbuds. I think the color Nano’s influenced the whole industry. Now, we sell ‘color buds’ in all the iPod colors....We’ve stayed away from Bluetooth because those products have such a high return rate. It’s 30-40 percent for retailers! We wait until products are consumer-friendly and idiot-proof.” -Gordon Tetreault, Director of Accessory Product Sales & Marketing for Maxell

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