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Tight budgets and tight security notwithstanding, there are more reasons than ever to go to the 2002 International CES, set for Tuesday, January 8, through Friday, January 11, 2002, in Las Vegas For 2002, CES has announced a slate of new pavilions, committed new support for the satellite industry, created a power retail SuperSession that no one should miss, placed a new focus on fashion and set up tight security measures to ensure the safety of the show's attendees and exhibitors. First, the CES Pavilions: CES Federal IT Pavilion The International CES has partnered with National Conference Services, Inc. (NCSI) to produce the first finds consumers not afraid to purchase HDTV, DVD, PVRs and PDAs on-line By David Dritsas If one thing is true, it's that the Internet is still a host to surprises. For, the types of products it is moving aren't necessarily the ones it expected to. HDTV is the prime example. "It's one of our hottest categories right now," said Greg Drew, CEO and founder. "It's only eclipsed by digital camera products right now." The thought was that televisions were the kind of product that depended on a live demo, but this idea seems to have taken a back seat. "What resisted trendy virtual retail and opted for control By David Dritsas Two years ago the term "dot-com" meant wealth, success, the wave of the future, etc. Fast forward to today, and the term elicits quite a different and opposite response. Amid the fallout and the pundits that claim "I told you so," or the failed entrepreneurs who cry, "Where did we go wrong?" sit a few dot-coms that haven't filed Chapter 11. Near the top of that list sits, a Web and catalog consumer electronics specialty retailer that is still growing even in these troubled times. Why aren't they hanging

By Tatyana Sinioukov This year, as every year, with holidays, comes shopping. As e-tailers anticipate more substantial sales than last year, they recognize the need to stock up and improve fullfillment, delivery and customer service. Stocking Up This season, waiting for the customers to fill up the virtual stores isn't like waiting for Godot. They will come, and, if we believe the studies, in numbers substantially higher than the previous year (see chart below). "We are expecting to have a very good holiday in terms of sales," said David Kaplan, vice president of purchasing,, an a/v specialty retailer. "We are working hard to

DALLAS—Asked at the recent Retailing & the Internet Conference how he would replicate the brick and mortar retail experience on the Web, Peter Lesser, president of X-10, Inc., shook his head. "It's impossible to replicate the retail experience on the Internet," he said. "You could not make it bad enough." Brick and mortar retail took a lot of flak at the Internet retailing conference sponsored May 18th by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA). Brick and mortar retailers were noticeably few in numbers that day in Dallas to hear the retailer-bashing, however. Elly Valas, executive director of the North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA), attended the conference and

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