Greg Rozman

Retailers have spent the months following the 2006 holiday flat panel TV debacle retrenching their businesses to successfully navigate and ride out whatever treacherous water lies ahead. “The perfect storm” is how many retailers and vendors describe what hit the flat panel TV market in the fourth quarter. The conditions were right for disaster: too much supply, too many brands, too much competition, too many unexpected pricing moves and too much discounting. “Everybody was reacting,” said Dave Workman, executive director of the PRO Group. “The wheels came off. Minimum advertised price was less than a suggestion. So things were just being

Fifty years ago, back when Greg Rozman’s father and uncle started an appliance and furniture store in Harrisburg, PA, they didn’t worry too much about brand marketing. The two charismatic owners were the brand in that mid-sized community. But by the time Greg’s father retired in 1999, the store’s image was ready for a modern makeover, and Greg had a big idea, a superhero brand he’d call “ROZ-MAN!” “Sort of like Batman or Bud Man,” says Rozman. “The first drawing was mine, done right on my coffee table at home. It was all right, but then a print ad guy drew one that

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