Hagai Gefen

Gefen LLC said Tuesday that founder Hagai Gefen has left the company, after 25 years, in order to "pursue other interests."

Gefen Inc. announced Thursday the availability of GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 5Ghz Extender, shipping now.  The device operates in both a unicast and broadcast mode.  The unicast mode sends HDCP compliant 1080p HDMI signals (with 5.1 digital and L/R analog audio) wirelessly up to 100 feet.  The extender does not require line of sight and can send its signal through walls.

HDMI supporters claim the worst is over for the relatively young specification, so if dealers and their customers want 1080p and the newer audio and video features coming down the pike - like Deep Color and Dolby TrueHD - it might be time to approach the technology with new confidence. But it’s not going to be easy to convince an industry singed by early HDMI and High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compatibility issues and complexity-not to mention HDMI plugs popping off during and after system installation-to forsake familiar, stable DVI and component connections. High HDMI return rates slammed the industry, cable manufacturers and

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