Hans Vestberg

CEA announced Thursday that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg and Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington will appear at "SuperSessions" this January at International CES.

Ericsson said Wednesday that its profit fell by 63 percent in the second quarter, as telecommunications carriers trimmed spending on equipment in the United States, Russia and China.

Net income fell to 1.2 billion Swedish kronor, or $172 million, on a 1 percent increase in sales, to 55.3 billion kronor, Ericsson said. Shares of the company, which is based in Stockholm, fell by 4.4 percent to 56.2 kronor in early trading Wednesday.

Hans Vestberg, the chief executive of Ericsson, told analysts in Stockholm that economic slowdowns in Russia and China had weighed on profits

You don't make the decision to wind down a 130-year-old business without a little bit of angst, said Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, reflecting on his company's decision to end a joint partnership with Sony last year. But at a certain point, logic has to trump emotion.

"The whole handset business has transformed from being an extension of the network," Vestberg said Tuesday in an interview with GigaOM before a media briefing in San Francisco about the future trends that the wireless networking equipment maker is poised to exploit.

When Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg used his Consumer Electronics Show keynote to demonstrate the company's Connected Me concept, which turns the human body into a bridge between gadgets, he was met with lackluster applause.

Part of the problem was the audience didn't fully grasp what Vestberg was trying to show. He was on stage holding a smartphone in one hand and the sensor for an audio system in the other. The data signal shot through his body, playing an MP3 from the phone on the speaker system. In effect, he became a replacement

The world is swiftly adapting to mobile internet solutions, and in industrialized nations the era of dumbphones and 2G tech is all but over. This represents a huge opportunity for Swedish firm Ericsson, because though you may not know it, Ericsson's technology underpins much of the hardware that makes cell phone networks actually work. After a very strong showing for the quarter, the company expects to sell some $41.3 billion in wireless infrastructure gear around the world this year, and Gartner expects this figure to hit $48 billion by 2015. Ericsson is big, much bigger than its partnership

Hans Vestberg, the CEO of Ericsson, will deliver a keynote address at CEDIA Expo in January, CEA announced Thursday. Vestberg will speak at 1 p.m. Jan. 11 at the Venetian.

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