Harry Brix

Proton will begin selling 32-inch and 37-inch LCD televisions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico starting this summer, according to the company. Known for its CRT televisions, Proton is now working with Brix Lab on a new line of LCD TVs that will be available exclusively through the Brix Lab distribution channel. Brix Lab is already the exclusive distributor for Proton-branded television products in North America, and is responsible for all sales and marketing activities for Proton in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Proton televisions will be available at retailers that cater to home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles, according to a Brix statement. "We are pleased

By Natalie Hope McDonald When an American legend celebrates it's 100th anniversary, it doesn't go unnoticed. That's why when Harley-Davidson marked it's birthday this year, Motorola's Automotive Division branded customized versions of its popular V60i mobile phone. For the occasion, the black leather and chrome custom-edition handsets were specially engraved with the Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary logo. It's up to select motorcycle dealers to now learn as much about selling wireless service plans as they have about customized hogs. According to Ruth Crowley, Harley-Davidson's vice president, "Harley-Davidson recognizes that mobile phones were one of the leading lifestyle products purchased by consumers during 2002." She added

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