Harry Reynolds

The terms of their business partnership were worked out nearly 30 years ago in a 10-minute conversation: Mike Nüñez, the 21-year-old, would be president, if only because he had the good fortune of no longer being underage. Harry Reynolds, Nüñez’s 16-year-old neighbor who’d been selling stereo equipment out of his bedroom at his parents’ house, would be vice president. The two analog enthusiasts named their new company “Precision Audio” and set about to get their hands on some merchandise, which, back in 1981, meant heading to Chicago for CES. The improbability of this impossibly young, undercapitalized duo talking their way into vendor partnerships

Sixteen-year-olds can be shrewd businessmen. They know how to keep the overhead low (sell out of Mom and Dad’s house). They are passionate about product (especially if it involves music). And they are charming salespeople (“It’ll make you feel young! Like me.”). Harry Reynolds was 16 years old in 1981, the very year he started a retail operation called Precision Audio out of his bedroom in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He recruited a 21-year-old neighbor friend, Mike Nünéz, to partner with him, and they booked flights to a Chicago CES to sweet-talk vendors. Remarkably, those two young audiophiles were quick to

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