Harry Wang

Shipments of portable media players equipped with video will grow 30 percent each year between now and 2011, eventually reaching 130 million worldwide that year. That’s according to the research firm Parks Associates, in a report they call “Portable Multimedia Players: Analysis and Forecasts.” “Video capability fuels the upgrade demand from existing device owners, and more content, especially free and short online video clips, gives consumers the incentive to upgrade,” said Harry Wang, a senior analyst with Parks. The biggest change, the firm believes, will be a shift from hard-disk to flash memory in the devices. In fact, Parks predicts, 77 percent of

About 1.7 million digital photo frames were sold in the U.S. last year, representing an explosive year-over-year growth rate of more than 400%, according to Parks Associates. The number even exceeded Parks Associates’ forecast by 42%. “The most significant factors contributing to this growth are expanded retail availability, decreased price, and consumer interest in new gift ideas,” said Harry Wang, a Parks’ research analyst. “The digital photo frame market was a Cinderella story for many small vendors during the past holiday season. Many were happily surprised by the strength of consumer demand.” Parks s expects these numbers will attract more retailers and large CE

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