Head Monster Noel Lee

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

At Monster's CE Week press conference in New York Wednesday, some may have wondered whether Head Monster Noel Lee would address the subject clearly on a lot of people's minds: The recent purchase of Beats Electronics, the company with which Monster was associated at its launch, by Apple for $3 billion, none of which ended up in the pockets of Monster or Lee. 

During International CES Monday, Monster made the announcement that Head Monster Noel Lee, while retaining his title and leadership of the company, will "shift his primary focus to dedicating even more time to product development and innovation, while continuing to work more closely with each of the marketing teams worldwide." 

Monster said this week that it is now lending support to High School Nation, a performing arts program that works with over 5,000 public high school sand middle schools. The program provides schools with lunchtime entertainment, while also providing a platform for student artists.

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