Hello Kitty

Kids should like LG Electronics' new Kizon wristbands. They come in blue, pink and green and can be accessorized with familiar animated faces, including a Hello Kitty cover. Worried parents should...

Consumer electronics manufacturer Sakar International recently announced the acquisition of the Vivitar worldwide brand name and associated intellectual property from Syntax-Brillian Corporation, the parent company of 70-year-old photographic equipment maker Vivitar Corporation. The acquisition equips Sakar with a well-known camera brand that the company will use to expand its own mass-market camera line, add higher-price camera SKUs, introduce other Vivitar-branded consumer products, and gain overall market visibility. Sakar is a market leader in digital cameras and related accessories to the mass retail channel and a producer of various other technology, toy and consumer electronic products. The company’s current camera products retail from $20 to

“I think wireless USB and wireless HDMI will be very big in terms of accessory sales this year...If you have a printer, you won’t have to put it next to your PC anymore. In the mid-to-long term, those wireless accessory markets will go away because more [functions] will be built into core devices, but there are some accessories that never go away, like cases, bags, and Hello Kitty things to hang off your cellphone.” -Steve Baker, Vice President of Industry Analysis for the NPD Group

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