Herman Sperling

eBay promotes its dynamic marketplace for use by consumer technology manufacturers and retailers By Collin Keefe Consumer electronics manufacturers and dealers, eBay has a message for you: Bring it your distressed, your end-of-lifecycle, your returned and your refurbished merchandise, because, in all likelihood eBay can sell them for you more profitably. "Consumer electronics is an incredibly important, very well established business on eBay," eBay President and CEO Meg Whitman said. "It's been the focus of our category team, and is obviously central to our go-forward strategy. eBay is a terrific place for consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers to sell a couple of

Harman Consumer Group joined Full Degree's program to test Full Degree's system for managing and distributing content information for use on Internet sites and in print materials. Harman will work with Canadian retailer Future Shop in the Full Degree pilot program, using Full Degree's template system to feed customized SKU data from a centralized system into Future Shop's systems. Harman is looking for Full Degree's system to allow it to input SKU information once and then "automatically tailor and share it with each one of our retailers," said Herman Sperling, vice president of marketing for Harman's Consumer Group, in a statement. "We believe

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