Howard Schultz

Starbucks is expanding its mobile payment pilots and has received positive feedback from customers paying for their Frappuccinos with iPhones. , launched earlier this year, is designed to make the in-store experience more efficient. Via an iPhone app, a Starbucks customer can use their loyalty card number to pay for something. In a nutshell, you input your Starbucks card number into the app, the app gives you a barcode and you pay.

How much business would you lose if you closed your store for three hours? How much would it cost you to pay your staff for that time? How much would your overhead be for the time you were closed? What would the total be if you closed 7,100 stores for an evening? To Howard Schultz, recently re-installed as the CEO of Starbucks, those questions became more than just an exercise. He viewed the need for additional training of the company’s 135,000 team members as key in his efforts to turn Starbucks around. “We will close all of our

A great deal has been written about Starbucks since its inception in 1971. Google Starbucks and you’ll find thousands of articles about the company and its growth to what is today the undisputed leader in the specialty coffee business. But the book How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill provides a unique perspective on the company from one of its “partners,” as the company calls its associates. Gill came to Starbucks following a 25-year career with the J. Walter Thomson advertising agency. As a 60-something-year-old white male, Yale graduate, he suddenly found himself a minority surrounded by young, energetic workers, mostly

To survive in a highly competitive business environment, retailers have to constantly listen to employees and customers, identify market changes before they become full-blown trends and understand the solutions needed to overcome immediate challenges. Those are the basics that every business owner knows but often fails to address while caught up in the day-to-day rat race of trying to make a buck, Dr. Joseph Michelli, author of “The Starbuck’s Experience” and “When Fish Fly and a business consultant, pointed out during his keynote speech at Escalate Retail’s World User Conference this week in Miami. “It all comes down to dealing with change and

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