Hubert Joly

Despite a relatively strong 2013 and a huge ad push, Best Buy posted comparable store sales down 0.8 percent over the same time last year during the nine-week holiday season.

Best Buy is pursuing a unique retail strategy headed into the holiday season: $10-off-anything coupons.

Best Buy has named a new executive, Christopher Askew, to the position of president of services, which will put him in charge of the Geek Squad division, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. 

After a management shakeup last fall, a terrible holiday season, a first-quarter loss, a questionable spate of investments and a shifting consumer culture that's basically turned big-box stores into showrooms for online merchants, Best Buy could really use some good news.

Well, it's finally arrived. Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly really likes his chain's Samsung Experience mini-stores and wants to expand the concept to other brands and products.

Wait, really? That's what you've got? You hold a conference call with investors on Tuesday telling them that "there will be more" mini-shop sub-branding partnerships

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