NEW YORK- In a New York City press event this week, XM Satellite Radio and Delphi Corporation announced a new portable satellite radio product, the first of its kind, as well as a new XM platform. The new radio, the MyFi, built by Delphi, is about the size of a portable cassette player, includes a lithium ion rechargeable battery, built-in antenna, headphones and flash memory for storing up to five hours worth of XM radio content. "Consumers have been waiting for a wearable satellite radio that also works in the car and home. XM and Delphi are thrilled to make this product a reality

The state of the satellite radio industry By Brett Solomon Of all of the emerging technologies on the mobile electronics landscape, none has been more touted in 2003 than the mainstream roll-out of satellite radio. More and more aftermarket manufacturers are making units easier to sell by integrating satellite radio capabilities into lower-price-point head units and low-cost, self-contained FM-modulated units. They're also shrinking satellite radio antenna sizes. However, there are still several issues retailers and manufacturers alike need to face. For instance, will enough Americans pay to keep satellite radio afloat as a viable entertainment option in the years to come? What

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