Ivan Seidenberg

"Not all 4G is created equal," Verizon Chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg said in his keynote at International CES Thursday. In the keynote, Seidenberg touted the company's recently launched 4G network, as well as its involvement in FiOS and other products related to multi-platform TV.

The soon-to-be-unveiled Verizon iPhone is the answer to many consumers' prayers. But a deal with Apple will test the company that Ivan Seidenberg has spent his career building. The most talked-about cellphone in America is one that doesn't officially exist: the Verizon iPhone. Ever since the 2007 launch of Apple's iPhone -- which crippled swaths of AT&T's network -- consumers have yearned for a Verizon iPhone as if it were the Second Coming. When Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest mobile-phone operator, recently agreed to sell Apple's iPad tablet bundled with a MiFi card that works on Verizon's network, tech

Verizon Communications Inc. Chief Executive Ivan Seidenberg said the company's wireless arm expects to introduce its own form of tiered data pricing, possibly over the next four to six months.

But Mr. Seidenberg said Verizon Wireless's offering wouldn't simply copy rival carrier AT&T Inc. "We didn't need to be first on tiered pricing," he said during an investor conference on Thursday. "We're not sure we agree yet with how they valued the data."

Verizon Communications on Monday named Lowell McAdam its president and chief operating officer, putting him in line to succeed CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

The appointment of McAdam, who was CEO of Verizon Wireless, highlights the growing importance of Verizon's mobile phone business, which has seen explosive growth in recent years as Americans get rid of plain old telephone lines into their homes. The housing downturn has also weighed on Verizon's fiber broadband Internet explanation plans.

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