J. Mitchell Perry

No matter where you live or conduct business, it’s difficult to ignore the news about the country’s deepening financial crisis. Even if you’re not in the business of subprime loans, derivatives and wildly risky investments, you’re an unwitting victim. Consumer confidence continues to fall as prices on staples rise and updates on the country’s economic meltdown continually flash across our TVs, computer screens and cell phones. It’s enough to bring anyone down. But there is still plenty you can do to ensure your business not only survives but grows during these troubling times. Say yes. What you say and how you say it impacts

Today’s headlines read “Major Retailers Feel the Squeeze from Consumers” and “Circuit City Blows another Fuse” and “CE Retail Sales Slower than ‘06.”  Appliance sales have fallen with the decline of housing starts. Early reports indicate that holiday sales didn’t even reach the National Retail Federation’s conservative estimate of a 4 percent increase from last year.   News about the 2008 economic outlook doesn’t seem any better: higher gas and food prices, tight credit, slow home sales and consumer discomfort.  Prices on flat panels continue to erode; furniture and appliance sales are flat at best. The sky may very well be falling. What’s a

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