James Gilmore

How Leon Temiz put Electronics Expo on the map in less than a year Starting a business is never easy. Starting a second business can be even harder. Sure, you have the experienced gained from years of running your own store, but you still have to go to all the trouble of establishing a name for yourself, negotiating new store locations and finding good employees—always the holy grail of retail. It might sound crazy to some, but Leon Temiz did just that, leaving behind the successful 6th Avenue Electronics to start Electronics Expo, a company that has gained a position in just under 12

Elan takes a chance at hosting its own dealer conference By David Dritsas Elan Home Systems wagered that it could host a two-day conference for its network of dealers, hoping that many of them would make a trip off the beaten path to Lexington, Ky., home to horse racing, bourbon and Elan's corporate headquarters. The bet paid off in spades, as approximately 380 people attended, beating the company's most optimistic expectations. The population ranged from owners to salespeople to technicians. "I was hoping for 150," said Cat Fowler, director of marketing for Elan, "but by the the end I was unfortunately turning people

by Jennifer Kraft Internet taxation. These two words sent shivers down the spines of e-professionals and were the topic of much debate at last month's CES. The current Internet taxation rules parallel the remote sales laws that apply to the catalog and direct-sales channels. If a company has operations set up in a state and does business with someone in that state, that company must collect sales tax from that customer. So, by law, Wyoming-based e-tailer X must assess a sales tax against Wyoming residents shopping on its site; but all other customers living outside of Wyoming do not have to pay sales

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