James Pool

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Dealerscope recently spoke to some of retail's top buying specialists
who make it their business to track trends in accessories. Here's some
of what they shared with us

It's every salesperson's nightmare:  a $7500 home theater sale that goes belly up on delivery day.  James Pool, a top-performing sales associate at Bjorn's in San Antonio, TX, lived that worst case scenerio recently, when one of his elder customers decided to cancel her order after she heard economic advisors on CNN cautioning against big-ticket spending during troubled economic times.

"I expect there'll be more of that," said Pool, who nonetheless remains optimistic about making money on CE during Q4 as well as the year ahead. "I have a drive to be able to continue to do what I do. It's just going to mean we've got to be sharper."

Stan Brooks, a former big-city radio DJ and one of the most funny and personable guys you’re to likely meet in a CE store, has never forgotten his interaction with two women who walked into his Circuit City store the first months he was on a sales floor.

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