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LAS VEGAS—Dealerscope and E-Gear's Best of 2000 awards reception, held January 6, the opening night of the 2001 International CES, featured cold beer, good blues and an impressive awards roster. A multimedia presentation sponsored by Forbes Magazine honored five Dealerscope Hall of Fame inductees (including the first two retailers in the Hall of Fame's 10-year history), four retail Dealerscope Pride Awards and the innovative, designated winners of the Dealerscope Editors' Choice and E-Gear All-Star Awards. Tired feet and busy schedules notwithstanding, we had a blast. Eric Schwartz, vice president and group publisher of Dealerscope and sister consumer magazine E-Gear, chats with Tom DeVesto

NEW YORK CITY—The Consumer Electronics Association held its annual pre-CES soiree last month in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. It's traditionally the last moment of relative calm before the holidays and CES. The 2001 International CES is scheduled to begin Saturday, January 6, at the Las Vegas Convention Center and end Tuesday, January 9, with more than 1,500 exhibitors booking into 1.8 million square feet of total show floor space. This year, there are some differences: • A new section of the week (Saturday through Tuesday) • New co-located shows (the Video Software Dealers Association's annual show, in addition to Digital Hollywood,

Circuit City Climbs Out, Wal-Mart and Sam's Jump In By Jamie Latshaw and Tatyana Sinioukov Who is going to get Circuit City's slice of the major appliance pie? The slice Circuit City decided to leave on the retail table, preferring instead to sell only CE? Will it be the independents? The regional chains? Or will it be the national retail giants such as Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's or Sam's? Or will it be the Johnny Come Lately (packing heat!) Wal-Mart? And how are they going to get it? The issue has galvanized the major appliance industry amid a time

By Jamie Latshaw There seems to be no question that DVD-based navigation is, ultimately, the way to go. However, until price points are more reasonable, CD-based navigation is still the format of choice for the majority of manufacturers (that is, the majority of the few manufacturers who are currently playing in this category in the United State). In Japan, where navigation is more mass market, Sanyo, Pioneer and Panasonic join Alpine in the DVD navigation market. Here in the states, however, there are fewer options, fewer players and higher prices. But all of that is set to change. "We anticipate new competitors entering

Dealerscope is proud to present Part 1 of its 78th Annual Statistical Survey & Report, which offers comprehensive information on 1999 major appliance sales by category. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers supplied the shipment data for the five-year major appliance shipments chart at right. As for the rest of Dealerscope's Survey and Report, the category specific results that follow were compiled from two sources. First, Dealerscope Managing Editor Jamie Latshaw and Associate Editor Jennifer Kraft conducted a consensus survey, interviewing manufacturers from each category, speaking with marketing executives and in-house researchers to determine industry-wide market share estimates. An industry-wide breakdown of appliance sales

By Jamie Latshaw At KBIS, major appliance booths will be stuffed. Here's what would be divulged in advance Asko a lower-priced extension of its top-of-the-line, fully integrated dishwasher. It includes a stainless steel tank and is projected to sell for $899. Bosch's Integra Design fully integrated dishwasher has hidden controls, yet no customization, cabinet front or renovation is required. As the low-end of Bosch's high-end line, it has a one-piece door and is available in black, white or stainless steel. It's slated to ship second quarter of 2000. Danby continues its Millennium Series with a new compact All Refrigerator line. Model sizes include a 4.4-cu.-ft., a 2.6-cu.-ft. and

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