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Samsung's Palm-powered SPH-I300 phone a big step forward in integration. By Janet Pinkerton Having acquired my featureless, black, clamshell-style mobile phone about a year ago, I still labor entering names into its phone book. The interface is hideous, the process tedious. If you screw up in one field, you have to go back to square one. That said, I just beamed contact information for 10 people—nine-business contacts and one aunt—from a co-worker's Palm Vx into my Samsung SPH-I300, the Palm-based mobile phone/PDA currently marketed by Sprint PCS. It took a matter of a few minutes. I can now dial my co-worker's Aunt Selma at

By Janet Pinkerton Having shepherded a new handheld Windows CE 2.0 PC to market during COMDEX, Microsoft at CES will unveil two new Windows CE device classes. Slated to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, Jan. 5-7, in addition to CES, the Auto PC is a single DIN, Windows CE-based car stereo head unit designed to be the nexus for a variety of 12V peripherals; Clarion plans to be the early player here. The second new "class," the Palm PC, will be introduced first by Philips and is a pocketable device with a touch sensitive screen designed to organize personal information downloaded from a PC. Meanwhile, Samsung

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