Jay Kapur

CE and IT wrestle for common ground Earlier this year, the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) ushered in what would be the first real evidence of convergence in the mainstream electronics market, a hot topic that was, up until then, getting more play in theory than action. But with the widespread introduction of CE products from typically IT or PC vendors, a new wave of products fulfilled consumer demand, even if the consumers themselves would never actually use the word "convergence" to describe it. Exactly nine months later, the gestation of this tech baby has revealed not only how big it's grown,

Love it or hate it, but Microsoft is astute when it comes to convergence, making Bill Gates' empire a lesson in how to make a good tech marriage and an effective multimedia platform work. Windows applications themselves work with a bevy of other products that fall outside the Microsoft umbrella. The partnerships that have resulted are examples of convergence happening on all levels, though there is plenty of room for greater cross-pollination between the PC and CE worlds. While Apple is lauded for its design-conscious relationship between computers and audio, media centers offer yet another range of examples. "Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004

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