Jay Penney

Almo Corp, has announced a pair of additions to its specialty products team. Barry Cohen and Steve Terry have both signed up as new executives. Both are formerly of Hadco.

Almo announced Monday that it has promoted Jay Penney to the position of executive vice president for the specialty appliance division.

Almo Corp. this week announced that it has expanded the staff of its Specialty Appliance Division. Jay Penney has now assumed overall responsibility for the Almo Specialty Appliance Division, while Larry Feldman is now chief merchandising officer.

Almo said Wednesday that it has named Jay Penney its new vice president of business development. Penney is a 26-year appliance industry veteran who formerly worked for Electrolux.

By Tatyana Sinioukov With Circuit City getting out, Sam's Club and Wal-Mart getting in, and the independent, regional and national retailers all competing for their place under the sun—expanding distribution, lowering prices and improving customer service—2000 was a year of transition in the major appliances market. Industry assessment of the year's changes were mixed. "I don't think the fact that the distribution strategy had changed means people are going to buy more or less appliances," said Tina Settecase, vice president and general merchandise manager, home appliances, Sears. "The industry per se is going to have as many sales as it was going to

Circuit City Climbs Out, Wal-Mart and Sam's Jump In By Jamie Latshaw and Tatyana Sinioukov Who is going to get Circuit City's slice of the major appliance pie? The slice Circuit City decided to leave on the retail table, preferring instead to sell only CE? Will it be the independents? The regional chains? Or will it be the national retail giants such as Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's or Sam's? Or will it be the Johnny Come Lately (packing heat!) Wal-Mart? And how are they going to get it? The issue has galvanized the major appliance industry amid a time

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