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LG said last week that William Cho has been named President of LG Electronics USA. Cho has been with LG for 26 years, serving in a variety of roles. 

Ever since “showrooming” entered the retail vernacular we’ve argued that smart retailers could take advantage of the practice as an easier way to identify obvious buyers, engage them and help them to buy exactly what they’re looking for...and more. We certainly realize how much showrooming has disrupted and hurt the brick-and-mortar retail business. But now that everyone’s familiar with the practice, we strongly believe the positives can outweigh the negatives.

Jay Vandenbree, LG’s senior vice president, home entertainment, believes the same. In our annual roundtable discussion with executives from some of the top TV manufacturers, Vandenbree speaks eloquently about why independent dealers are still so important to LG. He then switches gears and talks about the actual opportunities showrooming presents to the CE retailer. We couldn’t say it any better.

“If you had told me you could identify every consumer ready to buy because they’d be staring at a product with their cell phone out, I’d tell you, as a retailer, I could close almost any of them that came in,” he said. “Never before, at the point of retail, have you ever had a sign that said, ‘I’m ready to buy,’ like that.”

LG Electronics is lighting up New York City’s Times Square this holiday season with a five-story-high interactive billboard that will encourage passers-by to text their good news messages for display on the huge digital sign to a fictional “good news ambassador” – a mascot called Gil.

LG's U.S. management shakeup yesterday, in which Wayne Park replaced James Shad as U.S. president and Jay Vandenbree was promoted to head of the company's domestic home entertainment business unit, is accompanied by changes in the parent company's operation in Seoul.

LG has promoted Jay Vandenbree to the position of head of the home entertainment business unit for the U.S. Vandenbree, who joined the company from Sony in the summer of 2009, was previously senior vice president of sales.

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