Jeff Bewkes

The latest from my corporate cousins at The Wall Street Journal: Tim Cook is now more interested in a TV box than a TV set. Certainly plausible - just ask Time Warner's Jeff Bewkes, who was predicting this a month ago.

But the bottom line hasn't changed. Apple keeps poking at the TV industrial complex, and keeps concluding that it's better off playing along than playing a new game.

To spell that out: If Apple really wanted to change the way people watched TV, it would change the way people paid for TV.

What’s that you say? Video content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, NHL GameCenter, Vudu, Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network isn’t enough for you? We’ll you’re in luck today my friend. During an earnings call that took place earlier today, Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes announced HBO Go is coming to gaming consoles.“We will widen the availability of HBO Go to include connected TVs, game consoles and other connected devices,” Bewkes said.

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