Jeff Miller

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Optimism was the prominent sentiment among dealers who made it to CES after struggling through the worse quarter in recent memory. With that behind them, they are determined to tough out the road ahead by belt-tightening where possible while still spending on things with a clear return on investment.

Ovation Audio/Video's Active Role in High Definition Programming By David Dritsas High definition won't sell itself. While many a consumer has stood gazing longingly at an HDTV set on a retail sales floor, many know that it's not worth it until there is abundant programming. But Indianapolis-based Ovation Audio/Video Specialists took an active role in creating its HD market rather than waiting for it to come to them. "We try to stay in the forefront of high definition television, and I think it's paid off," said Gary McCormick, founder and president of Ovation Audio/Video Specialists. "We definitely are known as a place to get

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