Jeff Stevenson

Has 2003 been an improvement over 2002? What are the biggest technology trends and how is the market dealing with them? What will people want in 2004? These are just some of the questions we face every time we close the book on one year and open it for another. We took those questions to leaders in the consumer electronics industry and offer you their insights. What was your biggest-selling product category? Frank Sadowski, vice president of consumer electronics merchandising, Digital Cameras. The products continue to improve in technology and offer great value to consumers. Marty Goldberg, president, Lenmar In 2003, Lenmar

By Natalie Hope McDonald Harrisburg, Pennsylvania may at first seem like an unlikely city to converge, but according to D & H Distributing, a wholesale distributor of microcomputer and security products, a new product show definitely bolstered the dealer/distributor relationship. "We want to give something back to our customers that will offer tangible benefits and help them expand their opportunities. It's is a way to show our commitment and gratitude while showing them a good time," said Jeff Stevenson, manager of the D&H Home Entertainment and Security Products Division. In order to educate its CE, security and home entertainment customers about new products and

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