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Whirlpool Washer Cuts Bills with Star Status Whirlpool's new Resource Saver Wash System received Energy Star status with its introduction. As the first top-loading washer to wear both the Energy Star and the Good Housekeeping Seal, the Resource Saver ($599 SRP) cleans using a spray rinse technology that reduces water usage by 47 percent, saving up to $40 annually on the water bill. The system has six fresh-water spray rinses to eliminate detergent residue. The washer saves up to 56 percent of the energy used by conventional washers, for a $50 annual savings on the electric bill, with the AccuWash Sensor to control the temperature

By Elizabeth Brent The kitchen of the '90s is the hub of the home. "Open plan" in design, the kitchen is now the gathering place for all. It's functional, yet fun, able to accommodate chefs of all ages, sizes and tastes. "People are enjoying the process of baking and cooking and want to be around other people in the house,"said Dave Becker, vice president of product management at Viking. "Kitchens now have more of a social atmosphere." The kitchen has to look like you cook. The traditional 30-inch range is making way for 36-inch and 48-inch commercial ranges. The 36-inch ranges now come with extra burners, too.

By Jamie Latshaw The '80s had its Lexus. The '90s has its Neptune. Major appliances have become the style statements of the '90s. Who would have thought horizontal-axis washers would become cocktail conversation pieces? In this new aesthetic, avocado green and harvest gold appliances are long gone. Stainless and rich enamel red, green, blue and "biscuit" appliances are in. But consumers are demanding more than just pretty boxes. Time- and energy-saving performance features and quiet operation have become the new selling points. This trend extends up and down the financial scale. The look that was once unattainable on a limited budget has "grown beyond what appliance manufacturers thought

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