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By Jennifer Kraft It's had six consecutive quarters of comparable store sales growth between 13 percent and 20 percent for stores one year or older. And, for 32 years, it's been fulfilling a consumer electronics specialty retailing need in markets such as Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Utah, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Idaho. In short, Ultimate Electronics is definitely doing something right For these reasons and more, Dealerscope is proud to name Ultimate Electronics a recipient of its Pride Award. Started in 1968 by Bill Pearse and his wife Barb in Colorado under the name SoundTrack, the CE store became a chain, growing

Dealerscope is proud to present Part 1 of its 78th Annual Statistical Survey & Report, which offers comprehensive information on 1999 major appliance sales by category. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers supplied the shipment data for the five-year major appliance shipments chart at right. As for the rest of Dealerscope's Survey and Report, the category specific results that follow were compiled from two sources. First, Dealerscope Managing Editor Jamie Latshaw and Associate Editor Jennifer Kraft conducted a consensus survey, interviewing manufacturers from each category, speaking with marketing executives and in-house researchers to determine industry-wide market share estimates. An industry-wide breakdown of appliance sales

By Jennifer Kraft Everybody's doing it. Well, getting a presence on-line, that is. Admittedly, though, constructing and maintaining an on-line site can be nothing less than intimidating. To gain insight as to what works on-line, and more importantly what doesn't, Dealerscope talked to executives and representatives of companies who have managed to use the Internet to their advantage., an A/V specialty e-tailer, has been on the Web for six years and, according to its IT Manager David Keith, outsourced the first few generations of its site. Since then, though, Keith said the company found it was better to do everything in-house. "Outsourcing limited

By Jennifer Kraft No doubt a well-trained, knowledgeable sales staff is key to any retail business. Getting (or creating) one, however, can seem next to impossible, considering the high turn-over rate on the sales floor, employee schedules and the lack of time or patience to thoroughly deal with any of the problems mentioned above. But there may be hope on the e-horizon. Once again, the Internet has stepped in to defy all laws of time and space and rescue our often-inefficient lives. For the most part, Web-based training sites are sponsored by individual manufacturers. The idea: create a place where sales staffs, in-store training

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