Typically the big rim crowd and vehicle technology crowd aren’t cut from the same ilk, but both thoroughly enjoy automotive electronics and good sound.  I guess we part ways when it comes to reducing unsprung weight at the wheels and improving fuel economy.  Can’t really do that rolling on 26″ tires on 55 pound wheels.  But DUB has had a cult following since the magazine came into existence last decade.  

Jensen has announced their full line of multimedia head units, including its flagship model the VM9726BT Multimedia/Navigation System are now available at retailers throughout the US.

China's booming electronics manufacturing base is set to change U.S. business and branding models forever. By Janet Pinkerton and Joe Paone Not since the arrival of Japanese CE products on these shores during the 1960s has such a fundamental change in the industry fabric occurred as the recent ascendancy of Chinese manufacturers and products. For many years numerous retailers have sourced inexpensive Chinese products and offered them as house brands or impulse buys. Now, however, Chinese companies are building brands, perfecting production, ramping up R&D, delivering innovative features, and they are in a position to change the industry as we know it, for good

Branding partnerships put consumers — and retailers — in the mood to buy. By Janet Pinkerton One-off brand licenses for consumer electronics are common, but ongoing relationships between licensee and licenser are on the rise, as electronics manufacturers and retailers seek to differentiate their products amid commodity pricing and a consolidated retail base. Some companies, like Gemini Industries and Polyconcept USA, built a portfolio of brands as their core business model over time. Gemini's most recent coup occured with Wiley Publishing's "For Dummies" line, aimed at demystifying digital technology. Polyconcept has built a branded line-up of novelty and nostalgic products priced to compete with

1. Case Logic TRICK CD Wallets. Shipping now, $9.99 SRP. This "way hot and totally cool" collection of CD wallets is targeted squarely at teens. They hold up to 24 CDs, or 12 with liner notes. TRICK stands for "Trendy, Rugged, Innovative, Clever and Kool," which are, in fact, the five distinct varieties of products in the collection. Numerous colors and design schemes are available, including faux-suede with beads, horseshoe-shaped with bungee-cord loop, hologram wallets that change in color, metallic silver and blue, flames and dragons. Call (800) 447-4848 or visit 2. Jensen CD Storage Wallets. Shipping now, MSRPs of

Philips/Magnavox-branded Gemini SCP040 TV antenna. Shipping now, $24.99 SRP. This antenna is part of six in the Signal Choice series, all of which are capable of receiving HDTV signals. They come with 75 Ohm connections and detachable 6-foot coaxial cables. Designed with style in mind, the antennas have removable faceplates, so customers can buy a new color that's right for them. In addition, the SCP040 contains an attractive analog clock, 12-position tuning and 39-inch dipoles. Call (973) 471-9050 or visit Jensen Programmable Remote Controlled TV Antenna (TV940). Shipping now, $99.99 SRP. The TV940 is a remote controlled programmable indoor antenna.

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