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Yes, he jumped, even though being pushed was surely looming on the horizon ahead.

But the decision of Yahoo Co-founder, former CEO and board member Jerry Yang to leave Yahoo was indeed sudden, with the board meeting just this morning about the issue.

It was so sudden, in fact, that Yahoo's key execs - including its communications arm - had only a few minutes heads up to what is arguably one of the more momentous events in the history of the Silicon Valley Internet giant.

A whole flock of tech CEOs are taking on turnaround projects. Who's got the toughest job ahead of them?

CEO:Carol Bartz

The Rise: If you remember the "Yahoo yodel," you'll probably also remember a time when the Internet giant was synonymous with search. Founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo rose to great heights thanks to effective search, email, and media services, netting a lofty stock price of $118.75 a share circa January 2000

When I went to work for Yahoo after they bought our startup in 1998, it felt like the center of the world. It was supposed to be the next big thing. It was supposed to be what Google turned out to be.

What went wrong? The problems that hosed Yahoo go back a long time, practically to the beginning of the company. They were already very visible when I got there in 1998. Yahoo had two problems Google didn't: easy money, and ambivalence about being a technology company.

CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro said at the organization’s Industry Forum Tuesday that the upcoming 2008 CES – besides all the customary bells and whistles attendees have come to expect at the annual Las Vegas convocation – will feature a bevy of new programs that focus on content, cars and technology development in emerging countries. The show will also have two panels – one after the other – trained on the subject of the analog-to-digital TV conversion and on the industry’s DTV coupon program, on Monday, Jan. 7. The show is expected to attract 2,700 exhibitors to 1.7

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