Jessica Sarber

Family businesses tend to be uber-resourceful when it comes to employing the skills of loved ones. Back in 1983, the owner of Sarber’s Camera (Oakland, California) lucked out when his son started dating a woman named Jessica, a woman who would not only eventually marry into the Sarber family but would bring the business its first HR program, employee incentive program, and would lead the company in targeting services toward that valued digital imaging demographic, the young mother. Jessica Sarber, now a mother of two potential future-retailers herself, has seen dramatic changes in the retail operation during the last twenty-four years, not all for

Gen X women, once known for their jaded worldviews and slacker boyfriends, are now the most sought-after demographic in digital imaging retail. These thirty-something professional women and mothers (nicknamed “Jennifer” by PMA, the Photo Marketing Association, a couple years back) are statistically the Americans most likely to turn their digital images into either a print or a high-margin specialty item. The trick for retailers, according to Kodak’s Brad Kruchten, is to get them past “likely” to actually spending time at a kiosk or online ordering site. “We need to give them an exciting way to memorialize their lives beyond a 4x6,” said Kruchten at

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