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Hannah Abrams is the senior content editor for Promo Marketing. In her free time, she enjoys coming up with excuses to avoid exercise, visiting her hometown in Los Angeles and rallying for Leonardo DiCaprio to win his first second Academy Award. 

Imperatives needed to get top-drawer “better-than-CD-quality” audio in front of consumers beyond the audiophile fringe were the main topics of discussion among a mixed group of hardware, content and engineering experts, at Wednesday’s CE Week panel entitled, “Making High-Resolution Audio Accessible.”

Sony hosted a High-Resolution Audio event at its San Diego offices on April 17 to demo its new A/V receivers and speakers, and to communicate Sony's belief that high-resolution audio is a game-changer for the music industry. 

DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group today announced a new board of directors for the fiscal year beginning Aug. 1, including new members Steve Nickerson of Summit Entertainment and Jim Belcher of Universal Music Group.

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