Jim Bottoms

Every fourth quarter brings a mad scramble for studio home entertainment divisions and their partner replicators, as top titles and big boxed sets are pushed to retail in time for the holidays. However, Jim Bottoms, director and co-founder of Futuresource Consulting, says he truly believes the industry is facing a problem for the fourth quarter of 2011

CE Channels in Collision Course At the recent Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics Academy (CESCA) conference at CES, Jim Bottoms, Founder and Chairman, Understanding and Solutions, described a consumer electronics world of colliding business sectors, which is creating new supply chain challenges due to the fact that each sector has its own distinct characteristics and retail distribution structures. Meanwhile, the trends toward smaller, fashionable products (iPod, mobile phone), along with increased accessorization are impacting the product range and shelf life. As a result, retailers have to deal with wider range of suppliers and increasingly not just products but contracts and upgrades. For an exclusive

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