Jimi Hendrix

The goal of Jimi Electronics is to provide the best sound platforms to music fans around the world in honor of the legend of Jimi Hendrix, and to everyone who loves great music.

Seattle’s Experience Music Project (EMP), the only museum I’ve ever been to that offered both Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix exhibits, just got a new audio partner- Sennheiser. The German audio company has reached a deal with EMP to “deliver a world-class audio experience.”

By Janet PinkertonFree Association: A meditation on the consumer electronics industry. Last month, I wrote "Hey, satellite radio is cool!" It still is. Probably. XM Satellite Radio said STMicroelectronics nailed its much-needed chipsets. Sirius signed Sanyo and Sony as hardware suppliers. Good deal. But I wonder what happens to all of those smart regional retailers who use demographic-specific radio—the jazz stations, the NPR-types, the hipster boomers—for efficient advertising. These demographics for many reasons are likely to buy into satellite radio, Internet radio, satellite video. Globally available, high-quality audio and video media services may create a problem, long term, for the retail marketers, as newspapers lose their

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