Joe Cavanaugh

The profitable blurring of performance and autosound By Brett Solomon and Janet Pinkerton Gone are the days of the 1980s with the ubiquitous Camaro or Mustang dominating real estate in the installation bay. The "Import Revolution" has taken over, and vehicle personalization has become standard. Car accessory sales doubled over the past seven years, according to the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA). The typical import vehicle starts its life as economical transportation, but quickly completes its metamorphosis at the will of the owner into a full-on race-style beast on the street. Completing "the total package" are "body kits" and additional horsepower—they back up

By Jamie Latshaw Flat to down is what the mobile electronics industry is looking at right now for the mid-year '98 market. Nobody denies it, and most agree that reversing it has been and will be a long, progressive battle. According to a panel at Dealerscope's roundtable at Fuse '98 in Atlantic City, new product with a new target market and smoother OEM integration could be the keys to a sooner rather than later upswing in profits. "With the 18- to 24-year-olds, we have enjoyed a hearty base," Bernie Sapienza, vice president of merchandising, Tweeter, said. "We also have the opportunity now with a

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