Joe Paone

Joe Paone is director of content for CTPG.

Tech Tell's Joe Paone chats with Rob Gelphman from MoCA about their MoCA 2.0 field trials and other Multimedia over Coax Alliance technology.

Dolby Atmos is the most important home audio technology of the 21st century so far, and its potential is limitless. But it's still a fairly new innovation, and retailers and integrators have a lot of questions. Don't miss this opportunity to tap our expert panelists and learn more!

Joe Paone talks to John Havens of JVC Professional's Visual Systems Division about the company's new DILA home theater projectors

Our Joe Paone speaks to Uniden about their new products: 

Consumer Electronics Association’s Ultra HD Conference in New York is scheduled for 9:30 Eastern time in New York, as part of the annual CES Unveiled event, and our Joe Paone will be live blogging the event at our sister site HomeTechTell.

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