Joe Proteau

Pep Boys has announced a new initiative in the 12-volt business that could lead to the creation of 500 new jobs for car audio installers.

A pair of industry veterans, following the recent collapse of Circuit City, Tweeter and other chains, have started a new job network for out-of-work car audio installers.

By Brett Solomon As vehicles get increasingly complicated, integrating aftermarket mobile electronics equipment into them becomes a tougher task even for the most veteran installation staff. Unlike houses that can accommodate any electronics or appliances (such as home theater or washer/dryers), new vehicles are rolling off of the assembly line with new technologies that are not always directly compatible with aftermarket mobile electronic products. Two topics that should be on the minds of your installation staff are vehicle data bus architecture and 42-volt electrical systems. Data bus architecture can be a challenge to installation staff because large amounts of information for multiple

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