John Godfrey

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced the makeup of its new executive board, with Best Buy's CEO and Sony Electronics' president among the new members.

The Consumer Electronics Association this week announced its Executive Board and Board of Industry Leaders for 2009. MyerEmco President/CEO Gary Yacoubian has been elected chairman of the Executive Board- the first retailer to ever hold that title- while DBL President Henry Chiarelli will be vice chairman.

One format war may be nearly over, but at this year’s CES, another is already in the works. Two new technologies are emerging to send local TV broadcast signals directly to mobile devices, from cell phones to ultra-mobile PC’s, allowing consumers to get quick hits of news, weather, sports as well as full TV programs with no “buffering” delays. LG’s offering is called MPH (for Mobile Pedestrian Handheld) Dr. Woo Paik, LG’s Chief Technology Officer, says MPH uses existing broadcast infrastructure (the old TV towers almost all of which now send out a digital signal) to reach mobile devices. He says the new technology

The mission of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is to support the consumer electronics industry. Year after year, the International CES hosts the world’s greatest festival of technology and ingenuity. In 2007, CE sales are projected to top $155 billion in the United States—a 7 percent growth over 2006. The consumer electronics industry is driving our economy, providing good jobs to two million Americans, and ensuring that America continues to lead the world in innovation. But as is often the case, the success and growth of one industry, particularly an innovative sector fostering change, is perceived as a threat by other industries wedded to entrenched

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