John McDonald

John McDonald, a Consumer Electronics Hall of Famer who was chairman of a group that was a forerunner of the Consumer Electronics Association, died Thursday after suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

The CE Hall of Fame grew by 11 members on Monday, as the Consumer Electronics Association announced its eighth class of new inductees at a luncheon during its Washington Forum. The class of 2007 consists by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Bose founder/chairman Amar Bose, the three German engineers who invented the mp3 format, and Eastman Kodak engineer Steve Sasson, inventor of the digital camera. Also inducted were journalist Art Weinberg, Best Buy founder Richard “Dick” Schulze, former Casio CEO John McDonald, Crutchfield founder William Crutchfield, and J. Edward Day, the CEA’s own longtime lawyer. The induction ceremony for the new members will

Every year Dealerscope has the pleasure of honoring the most influential leaders in consumer technology with the Dealerscope Hall of Fame Awards. The inductees are selected by the magazine staff after consulting with various members of the industry. This year, Dealerscope honors five individuals from the retailing and manufacturing parts of the industry. These inductees represent the best and brightest talent in the consumer electronics world. They have singled themselves out through their vision, leadership and accomplishments, and have helped shape the industry for the better. In the pages that follow we profile this year’s inductees and allow them to share their experiences and

At Kmart Corporation, amid its reorganization: James B. Adamson, chairman of the board of directors, is now CEO; Julian C. Day, former executive VP and COO of Sears, Roebuck and Co., is Kmart president and CEO; Albert A. Koch, chairman of Jay Alix & Associates, is CFO; Ted Stenger, a principal of Jay Alix & Associates, is treasurer; Janet G. Kelley was promoted to executive VP, general counsel. She previously was senior VP, general counsel; James E. Defebaugh is now senior VP, chief compliance officer and secretary. He formerly was VP, associate general counsel and secretary. Lori A. McTavish was promoted from VP, communications,

DALLAS—Asked at the recent Retailing & the Internet Conference how he would replicate the brick and mortar retail experience on the Web, Peter Lesser, president of X-10, Inc., shook his head. "It's impossible to replicate the retail experience on the Internet," he said. "You could not make it bad enough." Brick and mortar retail took a lot of flak at the Internet retailing conference sponsored May 18th by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA). Brick and mortar retailers were noticeably few in numbers that day in Dallas to hear the retailer-bashing, however. Elly Valas, executive director of the North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA), attended the conference and

Dealerscope is proud to announce new inductees into its Hall of Fame, who will be honored at the 1999 International CES: Dr. Sidney Harman of Harman International, Anne Howard of Sharp Electronics Corp., Noel Lee of Monster Cable Products and Donald Patrican of Maxell Corp. of America. We congratulate this year's inductees on their individual contributions to the consumer electronics industry. Past Hall of Fame Inductees Winter CES 1992 Robert Borchart, Recoton Harry Elias, JVC Richard Kraft, Matushita Electric Corp. of America Harold 'Hal' Schafer, Frigidaire Winter CES 1993 Minoru Arakawa, Nintendo John McDonald, Casio Jack Weyman, EIA Winter CES 1994 Henry Brief, ITA

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