John Price

Amber Dinh, “VIP Concierge” for Starpower, a home theater retail chain in Dallas, Texas “I often pick the brains of people in other parts of the retail market. It’s almost like a religion: if you want to be strong in your own, what you need to do is go study others’ to give you a foundation. Buyers from Nordstroms and Saks 5th Avenue have given me ideas about how to best serve customers. Just this past weekend, I threw a birthday party for one of our clients … decorated the store with 200 balloons, a fountain flowing with champagne, the works. Two hundred people showed

John Price, the three-year owner of a small CE outfit in Charlotte, NC, is growing his business with a surprisingly simple strategy: capitalize on the low expectations of the American consumer. “People have become accustomed to poor or mediocre service,” says Price. “We’re used to our orders being wrong at the drive-in window. It’s common that you can’t find anyone to really help you in a store. When we look at someone’s home entertainment system and show them we care about how the whole thing is looking and sounding, we become heroes! I believe we offer better service than anyone in our area.

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