Jon Abt

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Abt Electronics said this week that it is carrying Sony and LG's 4K HDTVs, with special events planned to show them. 

It’s a rare customer these days who doesn’t walk into your store armed with a sheaf of Web printouts. Not a problem—unless the printouts are from a competitor’s site, leaving you the thankless task of defending your prices and policies against this research. All the more reason to try to increase the odds that the research came from your site, rather than somewhere else. A sloppy, illogical, sluggish Web presence with a lot of informational holes is just as bad as a retail store with neglected, dusty displays and disinterested sales associates. Both scenarios work against conversion—the common bottom-line in both brick-and-mortar

Online selling without manufacturer consent still causes problems By Markkus Rovito The issue of manufacturers authorizing e-tailers to sell their products online has been around for a while, yet it is often still a pain in the side of dealers and vendors alike. Neither group wants to see unauthorized sellers, but preventing them from buying products "sideways" or from distributors, enforcing an MAP price and guaranteeing the condition of product once it reaches the consumer can be tricky if not impossible. Steve Caldero, vice president of sales at Yamaha Electronics, related that Yamaha has had problems with its dealers selling to unauthorized retailers. The company

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