Jon Miller

Mike McCue has spent a lifetime -- he skipped college and went to work for IBM (IBM, Fortune 500) straight out of high school -- making technology do things the world might not be ready to embrace. In 1989, years before the web took off, he founded Paper Software, which evolved into a browser company. It was acquired by Netscape. In 1999 he launched TellMe, a seemingly futuristic voice-recognition service that lets consumers verbally ask a question (instead of say, typing in a search query)

America Online (AOL) began the rollout of the AOL Internet Phone Service, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that offers current and new AOL members a solution for voice, e-mail and instant messaging communications. According to the company, AOL will introduce the internet phone service in more than 40 markets across the United States, the first phase of a nationwide rollout that will continue to additional cities over the coming months. The internet communications service, says AOL, will offer lower price incentives compared to traditional telephone service, as well as a suite of integrated voice and online messaging features. Jon Miller, chairman and

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