Julie Kearney

According to a study conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, more than one fifth of Americans who still own analog TVs plan to “do nothing” when analog signals cease in 16 months. The CEA’s study was reported by Multichannel News. Starting in February 2009, analog television signals are scheduled to cease. The broadcasting and cable industries are planning a major advertising push in the next year to make consumers aware of their options. CEA indicates that between 22 and 28 million TVs still receive analog signals. In the survey, 33 percent of respondents said they would take advantage of the federal government’s

Age: 39 Career History: In college, Kearney wanted to be a prosecutor, loved music, and wound up earning a bachelor’s in music with a political science minor. She considered a master’s in vocal performance but realized “it’s a really rough career.” Instead, she got a law degree at Catholic University, interning with the FCC and scoring “a bird’s eye view of global telecommunications” by working for a Washington, D.C., law firm in the Ukraine. After law school, she became associate counsel in MCI’s International Affairs group and in 2004 she signed on as CEA’s first in-house regulatory counsel. Greatest Business Achievements: CEA credits

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