Justin Bieber

Actress and comedian Amy Poehler will follow in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne and a slew of technology innovators, and will star in Best Buy’s Super Bowl commercial next month, the company announced Wednesday.

What was supposed to be an act of inspiration -- a Super Bowl ad featuring pop music star Justin Bieber and rock veteran Ozzy Osbourne -- turned into a vehicle of desperation for Best Buy.

The 30-second segment, purchased for the 2011 Super Bowl, would serve as a splashy debut for Best Buy's "Guaranteed Buyback" program, an incentive plan for consumers to upgrade their electronics. But Best Buy was behind schedule with its software, and the big game was fast approaching. So the world's largest consumer electronics retailer sought help from a small

Music superstar Justin Bieber is scheduled to appear at Manhattan's J&R retailer Tuesday, as part of the promotion for his new album "Believe." 

Starting March 30 the first 1,800 people who preorder the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Blu-ray combo pack will receive a Justin Bieber-autographed copy of the movie.

“DON’T get left behind,” Best Buy advised us in a commercial during the Super Bowl.

In the ad, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Justin Bieber appeared in futuristic outfits, pretending to tape commercials for “5G,” and then, immediately, “6G," cellphones. “How many bloody G’s are there?” Ozzy muttered.

Best Buy’s answer was essentially this: Don’t worry about it, Ozzy. Just let Best Buy “future-proof your technology” with its new “Buy Back Program.”

There’s fine print, however, that Ozzy might want to read

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