Justin Timberlake

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Actor and media personality Justin Timberlake made a surprise appearance at Panasonic’s 2012 CES press event Monday as part of the announcement that the company would partner with Myspace – which Timberlake co-owns – to launch Myspace TV, a new service that allows live TV viewing by separate individuals in separate locales to become a simultaneous social experience.  The service will be available on next-gen Panasonic VIERA Connect-enabled TVs.  It will launch in the first half of this year, and lets viewers not only share a program-viewing experience but also comment on the program being viewed.

The next phase of Sony's HDNA television ad campaign, which was announced last month, will debut this week with two new 30-second commercials as well as a new Web site.

Sony is reviving the "panel of experts" portion of its HDNA marketing campaign, as a way to demystify new technologies, especially surrounding TVs, and to attract consumers to the company's full line of products.

Several top electronics brands, including Apple, Dell, and Garmin, debuted new commercials Sunday during Super Bowl XLII. The big game, which doubles as advertising’s biggest night of the year, fetched spots this year at a record price of $2.7 million per 30 seconds. While Toshiba, as previously noted, ran an ad for HD DVD during the game, the broadcast was notable for its lack of ads for televisions themselves, even though such ads are ubiquitous throughout regular-season NFL games. One possible explanation is that while companies push customers to buy new TVs prior to the Super Bowl, it is less of a priority

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