Keith Lehmann

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Most of us writing about the industry have had experience in the industry. Because of that, we are subject to be biased because we love what we're doing. While working the sales floor, there are a lot of brands, but some just become salespeople's favorites because of the good numbers and the fact the product works well from the get-go from both consumer and installer perspectives. That's why I loved selling Kenwood. So, yes, I am biased. You probably are too!

Many customers are now turning to simpler audio/video head units, without navigation, and choosing to get their navigation from a PND (portable navigation device) or smartphone.

Kenwood senior VP consumer electronics Keith Lehmann says the company is seeing new interest in AV head units WITHOUT navigation. “All customers want to do is connect their iPod to it. They want it to have Bluetooth, maybe watch a movie or two, but they want the navigation off the smartphone. We’ve been seeing that since the summer.”

Kenwood last week announced that David Hoag has been promoted to the position of vice president of sales for the consumer electronics sector.

As part of Dealerscope’s upcoming mobile electronics issue, we spoke with executives from some of the market’s top manufacturers about the most important issues facing independent 12-volt dealers and installers.

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