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CE Retailing in the 20th Century By Natalie Hope McDonald & David Dritsas In 1944, Chicago-based Arrow Radio & Appliance Shop made $1,000 a month in radio repairs by adding a unique feature to its store. Proprietor Al Palacz screened something that the average consumer didn't yet have access to—television. The Zenith-branded motion picture projections were shown in the store every Wednesday, attracting new customers with popular shows of the day. This retail tactic is still going strong at modern-day Sounds Like Music in Phoenix, Arizona, where President Dave Wiggs installed a 15-foot-wide screen in his own storefront window to attract would-be home

Distribution tactics in time for the holidays By Natalie Hope McDonald "Our biggest issue is getting delivery of merchandise from manufacturers, not having consumers to buy it," admitted David Lorsch, president of DBL Distributing. Lorsch echoes a familiar song. He's worried that September 11 halted production on products that emptied off shelves last season and now manufacturers are backlogged, causing smaller retailers to be ill-prepared for retail demands, especially in the DVD and digital camera markets. "They're more affordable than ever," he said. "But there may not be enough stock." At last year's CES, retailers from Circuit City and Radio Shack predicted

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